Ehtesham bangalore » and please send your recent picutre to bro and take care allah hafiz
Ehtesham bangalore » and please send your recent picutre bro and take care allah hafiz
Ehtesham bangalore » do you remember we use to spend the time with khalid saif sultan
Ehtesham bangalore » assalam akaikum.dave my email id is peace bangalore ehtesham
Saif » Where are you mate
yegana » david i will kill you , you must return back to Azerbaijan
Rosa » hi, where are you now?i conuldn't contact you for several days?what happened to you?did you get involve with huricanne?please contact to me as soon as you. miss u.Rosa
DAD » Hi Dave, Where the heck are you? I really miss you!! I was hoping to get some sort of postcard or letter. Weare keeping you in our prayers Ive gotten rid of a bunch of stuff but there is a lot to go
Saif Sultan » Assalamu Alaikum David Bro, Its Saif from India, How's Texas and how are you friend. Keep in touch. Saif
Dave »
Dave » Just Click it!
David » Come back to Dallas! Miss you!
Fawad » HI Dave ? Dallas how come ?
Fawad » HI Dave ? Dallas how come ?
Lisa » How the heck are ya?
Sirius Park » Back home, now? I updated my homepage recently. Click the above address and enjoy the pictures taken in Indonesia. Take care!
Dave » Dave in Dallas? Better believe it!
Fawad » Merry Christmas Dave, and i will Pray to Allah Almighty to keep u safe for unfortunate mishaps but i dont know what happened to u.. i hope u are good..Missin u.. Best wishes
Jen » Hey Dave- sorry about that code..??? Anyways, thanks for keeping in touch w/ post cards and letter. Sorry to hear about ur unfortunate mishap. Keep intouch and stay safe! Love ya!
Jen » JD51K
DAD » Dave, I'm glad to hear that you're OK. Let us know what you need. It will be nice to see you for Christmas. Rememser GOD is always with you!! Help the rest of the family know that!!
Big Roy » Dav, Gladto here your having a great time . Merry Christmas Love you Man! GOD Bless! B Roy
Fawad » hi Dave hope u had good time in update ur blog so that we enjoy ur priceless adventure.. Missing u is thursday our enjoyment day ...May Allah help u in all the things u do
Dave » Dec 7th: Tbilisi, Georgia
Dave » Dec 3rd : Sheki mountain village, Azerbaijan. I'm staying with a really nice host family for one week.
Geri Leigh & Kids » Hey Dave!!! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!! We will eat some Turkey & Ham for you!!! Love & Miss You!!!
DAD » Hi Dave. Happy Thankegiving. We really miss you but your adventure is priceless. I haven't seen the mud volcanos but probably will on thursday. Love You Kid!!! God does too!!
Fawad » Dave u exposed the secret of TKLA well no problem hope u r good,healthy,happy and i will be waiting for the next TKLA on ur next BD in Pakistan best wishes
mom » The new pic you sent was neat! I love the clothes and turbin.Was that candy on the table ? Keep safe love you!!
Dave » Translation: TKLA = tequila
nui » Hi Dave, Hope you are enjoy your journey, Nice to see your photo. not much thing . Just want you know I miss you
nui » Hi Dave, Hope you are enjoy your journey, Nice to see your photo. not much thing . Just want you know I miss you
fawad » hi david hope u r enjoying Baku,,,,i miss u bro ...we had a great time in afghanistan...and the TKLA hummmmmm wonderfulll,,happy birthday once again
Dave » With Pakistan and Afghanistan now behind me, I can try talking to girls again. Azeri girls look good, dress well, and smell nice. Wish me luck!
Dave » Back to Kabul Nov 9th, flying to Baku on Nov 11th
Nicole » Hi Dave! I hope all is well! Take care and be safe! Love ya!
jamie » dave, you're keeping me on vacation! glad to hear that all is going well over there. jamie from rajasthan
Geri Leigh & Kids » oops...typo...should have said "had fun" since it already passed...Hope we will see you home before the holidays!! Love ya! 10/24/05
Geri Leigh & Kids » Great pic Dave!!! We can see your face better!! Hope you have fun on your birthday!!! Miss ya!! Love ya!!
DAD » Dave, Sorry this is a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Super kid. Becareful. Love DAD!!
Ellen & Matt Klicka » Dave - thanks for the postcards. the mountains look beautiful! We've been thinking of you and hope you have a great B-day!
Kerry & Robbie » Hey Dave, We are all very happy to hear that your OK. What you going to do for you b-day? Stay safe and Happy. Love ya, Kerry and Robbie
Lisa » *HAPPY DANCE* So glad you're ok!
Dave » Guys, my Iran visa was REJECTED! Wow, guess I'll have to join the Marines to get in. Ha ha, just kidding. I'm flying to Azerbaijan after Afghanistan.
mom and roy » Our prayers have been answered! Be safe and stay healthy. Miss you, Love you
Aunt Linda » Thank God you are ok. Come home soon, or I'll come and get you!!!
Geri Leigh & Kids » Well Hey there Dave!!!!So glad you are ok!! We were all worried !!!!!!!!! I just called your mom!!! She is very glad and relieved!!!!! Love ya Dave!! Thank God for answering our prayers!!!
Dave » I remember the Bennetts. We should have a 6-B reunion!
Dave » Hey everyone! I'm back in Kabul after visiting Bamiyan (destroyed Buddhas) and Band-i-Amir lakes. I don't know anything about an earthquake!
Aunt Linda » David,Please contact one of us. You are in our prayers. Love you,
Geri Leigh & Kids » Sorry it's such early b-day wishes...not sure when I will be ab;e to check back and I surely do not want to miss your birthday , esp. with the time difference!!
Geri Leigh & Kids » Hope you have a great one!!! Love you!!! 10/14/2005
Geri Leigh & Kids » Well Dave I guess you just were too far from the earthquake to even think we would worry...Just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday since I might not have a chance before the 18th to log on again!!
Kerry & Robbie » Hey hun, Its Kerry and Robbie here, we all in South FL are worried about you and want to know your OK. Your really going to have so stories to tell you grandkids. We LOVE YOU!!!
Kerry & Robbie » Hey hun, Its Kerry and Robbie here, we all in South FL are worried about you and want to know your OK. Your really going to have so stories to tell you grandkids. We LOVE YOU!!!
JamieNelson(Bennett) » Dave, My sister Jennifer (think Lida Hooe) saw Geri in Oak Cliff. So we googled you. Your adventures are incredible. Do you know who the Bennetts are, or is this just a "oooh, cool blog" blog?
DAD » Hi DAVE, Just checking in ro be sure you are A-OK!! Love You Kid!! Be careful. GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!!
Geri Leigh & Kids » We are praying that God saved you from harm again!! Hope to hear from you soon!!! We love you Uncle Dave!!!!
Nicole Doherty » Hey Dave, its Nicole (ex-Shapiro), cant believe you are look like you fit right in!! We are leaving for Ecuador this Tue., not going back to New Orleans, keep in touch, be careful
Dave » Wa Alaikum Asalam, Saif. Life is fine and dandy!
Saif Sultan (INDIA) » Salam Alaykum Brother, How are you . I am working with DELL India and things are going great.
Dave » All is well in the fine city of Kabul. Stay tuned for journal updates!
Cherie » Hey Dave. Hope you are having fun. Gunna steal some of your photos of BUrma to create a new banner for Voices for Burma website. Hope is cool. Have fun!
Cherie » WQIY8
DAD » Hey Dave!! Those pictures are really great. It makes me wish I was there with you. Talk about great postcards, WOW!!
Jen - your cousin » Hey! I shared your web site with my cousin and she just loves it! Keep it up! We enjoy reading about your adventures.
Dave » Hey Folks! Just returned from the Kalasha Valleys of Pakistan, descendents of Alexander the Great's army.
DAD » Hi Dave, Just checking in . I got a new computer, telephone and other stuff. No hirricane problems. Be carefl. LOVE DAD
Geri, KAS & Gena » Hey Dave!!! Hope all is well out there!!! Miss You!!! Love you!!!
Naomi Lipke » hey Dave checked out the interview with Yusuf Estes again. It is nice to remember. I am at home, going back to school in a week. Nice to hear your adventures.
Naomi Lipke » hey Dave checked out the interview with Yusuf Estes again. It is nice to remember. I am at home, going back to school in a week. Nice to hear your adventures.
Cherie » Hey Dave - will be in India/Nepal in next month - will you be around?
Sirius Park » Hi. looking good! Take care of yourself. Health is the most precious of all. Are you in Parkistan now?
Dave » Wish I was there now, actually.
vone » When will you be coming by singapore again????
Dave » Back from K2, but still in Northern Pakistan, doing more trekking and camping.
Geri Leigh & Kids » Hey Dave!!! Wow what a pic!!! Glad to know you are still having a great time!!! Can't wait for you to come home!! Love ya brother!!
Larry » Check in with me when you get a a chance. Let us know where you are.
Sameer » Hey dave, Remember the four stooges you met in Pondicherry and the altercation with the auto rickshaw driver. So you in paki land huh? Thought youd plan a trip to N E India. Maybe next time?
Dave » I'm joining the expedition to K2 Base Camp tomorrow. Should be returning July 18th.
DAD » Dave, Thanks for the Fathers Day greeting. Had lunch with Larry and Holly! Then toured their new (to be new) house site. Fun, Wish you were here. LOVE!
anna » hey dave! i replied to your e-mail, but i also wanted to say that i have a new address that i check more often . if you can remember. love yas! anna
Maria » Hey Dave, sounds like youare having a blast. When are you coming back home? 800 DAYs wow!!!! Does it really work that way> It never did for me.
Amanda » Hey Dave! It's the fair skinned city slicker - Amanda from Canada! So good to get your e-mail...Steph's in New Zealand right now and I'm jealous of you both. Your journals brought back great memories.
Dave » An old man sitting next to me fought with Osama against the Russians.
i8toomuch » Great that you're updating your blog again!
Dave » Happy Father's Day, Dad! Love you!
Sirius Park » Hi, Im Sirius Park in Korea. Sent you my pictures in email replies. Hope you enjoy and get the bests of the travel.
Phil Storer » Hi dave glad you are having a mint time ! Look after yourself !
Dave » I'm in Pakistan! Taking a train ride from Islamabad to Quetta.
DAD » Hi Dave, Just want to say HI!!! and let you know that I'm teaching a Physical Geology class forst summer session. A bunch of really pretty girls. 15 girls, 5 guys crazy, no?
Dave » I'm in Dharamsala. The Dalai Lama is here, using the internet next to me. Just Kidding!
DAD » I just thought you might want to know that that D.J. kid that used to live next door to me killed himself about a month ago. His dad had him cremated. ARG!!!
Guy » Hello Dave, everything is very interesting. I'm going to be in Myanmar during June if you have any possibility to let me know the name of the GH where you stopped that will be great. » Take care and keep in touch.
Bow » Hey, Dave. Remeber me it's bow from Viking scuba? We are safe from Tsunami attacked. The dive shop will be back on business in October. I'm going to England for a 6 months. Now waiting for my visa.
DAD » Hi Dave, I just got bech from a trek to Death Valley. It was very pretty if you like yellow flowers. Glad to hear that you are OK!!. Be careful. LOVE DAD!!
Dave » Hello everyone, my Dutch friend, Joop, and I are trekking the Himalayas on April Fool's Day. Whoa! The HiMaLayAS!
DAD » Happy Easter DAVE. I now have a new leg. new glasses and new teeth. I don't know whats next. I LOVE YOU KID!!! Be careful. To the Collins today. We all miss you!!